Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hi, geophf here.

There's been some press that men and boys do not connect to the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer [SM]. So, along with Twilight Guy, I offer this site from what appears to be a minority perspective, which is as follows:

I suppose that last bullet will be easy for most Twilighters to understand. I've read the series 7 times straight so far, since first picking up the book after viewing the first trailer. I've also added Stephenie's draft of Midnight Sun [MS © 2008 SM], juxtaposing its chapters with Twilight's (i.e. Chapter 1 of Twilight followed by Chapter 1 of Midnight Sun, etc.) I signed up to save Midnight Sun.

In short, a fan, albeit new.

The tone of this blog will be a considered one. I'll be putting forward my theses, and will be happy — delighted, even — with arguments for or against. My view is that I'm the one who learns when I'm proved wrong. Twitter-like comments of "ZOMG! I Edward/Jacob!" will be deleted, however.

My writing is coloured by my perspective: Catholic (yes, a Catholic Dad would read Twilight, just as a Mormon Mom would write it), and, as you'll come to see, weird. Deal with it.

Er, Edward reminds me: "I'm sorry, that was rude. I'm not saying it wasn't true. ..." [MS, p. 112]. Let me restate that last bit in a more courtly fashion: I humbly request your patience and forbearance. I'll be tackling, bluntly, what are sure to be divisive issues. When I do offend you, I apologize for it. And, when you offer cogent antitheses, I will mend my errant ways. Deal?