Friday, January 8, 2010

Eternity vs. Butt Patting

So, my most recent chapter of MSR, ch 55 ("Beautiful"), was about beauty and death. What did everybody take away from it?

Butt patting.



So, I'm not going to fight it here. I'm just going to allow one authoress, Avarenda, speak about what butt patting means to vampires: the inner torment they suffer at said butt patting.

What I meant by Rosalie 'torturing herself' was that Rosalie (by touching Bella in an intimate manner) is torturing herself by metaphorically getting a taste of the 'forbidden fruit.' Of course, as far as sampling forbidden fruit goes, touching Bella's butt isn't that big of a deal.

HOWEVER, when you factor in the fact that Rosalie WILL NEVER forget what Bella's ass felt like (for as long as she exists) it might be a certain type of agony to recall. Especially when Bella is long gone. (Or even just in the middle of the night when Rose has nothing to distract herself from thinking about it)

I guess (for Rose) we should compare Bella to heroin. Trying it even once will only make her crave for more, than again. Perhaps I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill. I guess we'll see.


Butt patting, it seems then is like heroin for vampires, more tempting, even, than blood. Who would have known?

Rosalie sure didn't.

Until she patted Bella's "very cute" butt.

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Master of the Boot said...

I've noticed something. You seem to be assigning Rose more and more Edward like traits; the heroine analogy, the abusive behavior, the penchant for self torture, the massive ego. In many ways, the way you portray Rosalie is much worse than Edward and Rosalie recieves none of that criticism from you. You never play devils advocate when you're talking about Rose.

Why don't you point out how abusive and destructive her behavior is in MSR. Or are you too much in love with that whore?