Monday, December 17, 2012

Short or long review?

Over time, I actually have written nearly a novel about reviews, but any review, positive, negative, short, or long, is very welcome from me.

For me, I find I can have a conversation with somebody who speaks from their heart, ... so, longer or shorter? I don't know. I don't care. Read a chapter. Does it touch you somehow? Did you like it? Did you hate it? What in the chapter touched you ... and why?

That ... writing that way ... can be really, really hard, because when you read about something that Bella's going through, or that Rosalie's going through, and it brings you right back to your moment in your life, or when your friend was hurt so badly in that way, well ... it's hard to confront that, and to talk about it.

I know. I know every chapter I write and publish.

But then ... if you aren't writing from the heart ... what's the point?

You know, some people write: 'Love this story! Update soon!' and that's all they can write, right now, and writing even that for them is a huge step in their lives. It's a very, very brave thing for them to step forward and write to somebody, me, who's writing their lives in plain English right out there for everybody to see, and they so open themselves up to my response, and what might that be? After all, I'm very hard on Bella in my writing, will I be hard on them?

And then, surprisingly, I thank them for their courage. And, eventually, I ask them ... 'What, specifically, did you love? Why?' Where were you laughing? crying? when you read this chapter, ... and why?

I ask myself these questions in every chapter I write: why am I crying and crying right now? Or if not, why am I skirting the truth? What am I afraid of, and why? Why am I not brave? Or, I WILL be brave here, and write from the heart, and publish this chapter, even though doing so scares me to death ... every time.

Yeah, I've died a lot.

And have been shocked when I'm not vilified, but actually honored and respected for opening my heart and sharing these things that break my heart or that I'm ashamed of, and I find I can live, and breathe, better, because I dared, and touched somebody else's heart.

But then, this is your review, your risk, your step forward.

Any review is a step forward, and any step forward is a good one, and even a stumble and fall is a good one. After all: you're living, and reflecting on what touched you and why.

So, dear reader, read my chapters, if you wish ... and review what touched you, if you wish!

... and welcome to the first step of the journey of living the examined life.

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