Sunday, January 20, 2013

Little Red's conundrum

I've posted the first chapter to a new story titled "Little Red Riding Hood." It's about Victoria going into the forest to deliver her bundle of goodies and then encountering something she's not expecting.

Rosalie looks human, acts human, so she's human, right?

Victoria has a problem, and that problem is that she has no clue what she's up against, so she keeps fighting Rosalie like she would anybody else and keeps getting surprised when things that normally would work ... don't.

And she has another problem, she has her ability, and she uses that, instead of her brain. Like she says, she doesn't process things in a fight, so her not thinking things through is costing her in this fight.

But that's everybody's problem. You see this girl in front of you, you kick her in the stomach, and she doesn't go down, and she laughs at you. What are you going to do? Run from a girl? Or get really annoyed at everything that's not working. Both are the wrong answer, but what if there were no right answer? Nobody believes that's possible, until they are faced with the impossibility of it, indeed.

Vicky walks into Rosalie's forest, and she's going to get a wake-up call about what her whole life has been. She wasn't looking for this, she was trying to 'get by.' But 'getting by,' ... what is the price for that?

This fic looks at that. Over and over again.

Well, it did start with 'once upon a time, ...' so does that mean that it will end with '... and they lived happily ever after'?

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