Friday, May 17, 2013

Just to be clear...

This is how I deal with idiocy:

Idiot writes in a review of ch 59 of MSR:

"... I am pretty sure 今日 is read as きょう, not こんにち. In fact, there is no such thing as a "ti" (Like 'tea') sound in Japanese. I think you mean "こんにちわ" or "kon'nichiwa" or "Hello". "今日は" means "Today is". Like 今日は火曜日です。 (Today is Tuesday).

Just a note :)"

And my response is a nice, succinct little:

A response to your review at

Okay, let me get this straight.

You are criticizing me on my ENGLISH transliteration of my JAPANESE as I was writing this chapter from Narita airport (that's in Japan)?

So, you spend time in Japan? How many years of Japanese did you study, from a Japanese sensei who spoke ZERO English in class? Were you a Japanese interpreter on a Coast Guard ship that did fisheries law enforcement in International waters?

Did you know the 'ti' English writing is pronounced 'chi' in Japanese? I.e. Ma-mi-mu-me-mo/Ta-ti(chi)-tu(tsu)-te-to/a-i-u-e-o? Right?

How about this for a review: "Wow! You wrote this on a plane and got it out for us to read, because you believe that much in your story? Which is awesome, by the way! THANK YOU for doing that"?

Huh? How about a 'thank you' instead of speaking out of turn about things you only have a clue from your manga comic books?

No? Thought never occurred to you? You know why? Because you're rude, rude, rude.

I'm so glad you think today is Tuesday, too.


p.s. A little digging reveals this: you write 'deep, meaningful' stories and you don't care if other people get it or not. Pretension? I looked it up. It had your icon. And your fav twilight story is an admittedly mary-sue-escque romp? And THAT is your level of sophistication?

Tsk. Tsk.

Why do people like you have to exist? Have you ever tried a different tack? How about, instead of going for the sophisticated and clever pose, how about dropping the poses and simply open up and say what you really think and feel, what really touched you, made you laugh or cry?

But no. If you opened up, there would be a chance that you could really connect with people, right? Can't have that. Or, worse, there's a very small possibility you honesty may be interpreted by somebody else as something else: scary, right? "I can't open up! I might look stupid, ... or even ... BAD! OH, NOES!"


After all, being that way, being critical is smart, and for smart people, just. like. you.

Keep on with the "I'm pretty sure ..." mode. It suits you."

So, I suggested to said idiot how the review should of been written. What's your take-away?

If you're going to pose with me, go elsewhere, because I'll give you your bullsh!t back at 300%. Get honest, get real, or get the fvck out of my face. I don't have time for posers. What I have time for is people who open up their heart, and share, from the heart.

Just like I do.

love, geophf

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