Saturday, December 13, 2008

Werewolves' colors

I've recently acquired the taste of reading and writing Twilight fan fiction. As a writer, I have looked for a compendium of various bits of information, including, particularly in this case, the colors of the werewolves' fur. I haven't found such a collection, so here's what I've gathered from my reading:

The color of the wolves depends on their spirit. In the Twilight series, the following wolves' colors are made explicit:

  • Sam Uley, Alpha, La Push pack: black. Largest werewolf of the La Push pack until the time of Breaking Dawn (September 2006). Imprinted on Emily Young.

  • Jacob Black, Beta or Second, La Push pack/Alpha, breakaway pack: russet brown. Rebelled against Sam's leadership of the La Push pack which eventuated his assuming the mantleship of leader of the breakaway pack. The breakaway pack was disparagingly known as the "Cullen's watch dogs", as they chose to protect the Cullen (vampire) family. Imprinted on Renesmee (Nessie) Carlie Cullen, a vampire/human hybrid, daughter of Edward Anthony Mason Cullen (vampire) and Isabella Marie Cullen, née Swan (human at the time of conception and birth).

  • Paul (no given family name), La Push pack: silver. Given to lose his temper easily, causing him to phase easily and become uncontrollable in his wolf form.

  • Quil Ateara, breakaway pack: chocolate brown. Imprinted on Claire (no given last name), a two-year-old girl. Eventually joined the breakaway pack.

  • Embry Call, eventually joined the breakaway pack: grey, grey spots, a thinner werewolf than Quil.

  • Leah Clearwater, Beta or second, breakaway pack: grey, smaller wolf. Prior to Sam's imprintation, Leah had a very serious relationship with him. First woman ever to become a werewolf. As becoming a werewolf causes a growth spurt from adolescence to full adulthood, and then freezes the person at approximately twenty-five years of age, Leah's monthly cycles have discontinued. These concerns have turned her into a bitter and spiteful member of the La Push pack and provided a strong impetus for her to join the breakaway pack.

  • Seth Clearwater, breakaway pack: sand-colored fur. Immediately joined Jacob Black to form the breakaway pack. He has a happy-go-lucky personality, and because of his teamwork with Edward Cullen (vampire) in destroying the leadership of a newborn vampire army, has a paradoxically strong attachment to Edward, in particular, and the Cullens (a vampire family), in general. Werewolves and vampires are by nature the most virulent of enemies.

  • Collin (no given family name), La Push pack: unknown color; one of the newest members of the La Push pack.

  • Brady (no given family name), La Push pack: unknown color; one of the newest members of the La Push pack.

  • Jared (no given family name), La Push pack: unknown color; one of the first to change after Sam did. Imprinted on a classmate, Kim (no given family name)

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