Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday, Bella Cullen!

You will recall that the Cullen family, spearheaded by Alice, of course, decided to celebrate Bella's first day as a vampire with a birthday party. It was September 13th, her birthday, so let's celebrate!

Bella, of course, vehemently objected, but this time the objection wasn't because she's party-shy ... well, it wasn't only because she's party shy. No, it was because Edward's eternally seventeen, and if she celebrated her birthday, that would mean she's nineteen.

*Gasp* She'd be a whole two years older than her hubby. That'd make her a cradle-robber. A cougarin', cradle-robbin', May-December romancin' despoiler of little boys.

In that case, she must have joined the wrong family: she should just pack up her things and move in with the succubi in Denali.

"Hey, Tanya, it's Bella ... do you guys have a spare room I can move into?"

And the three Russians would respond in unison: "We're not guys!"

So, Bella claims that she's not eternally nineteen. Oh, no! She's eternally 18.99726 years old. It's the principle of the thing, you see.

But Bella is wrong-wrong-wrong, or at least very, very, very misinformed to think she didn't turn nineteen, and here's why, and Dr. Cullen will back me up on this. Reread BD, reread her transformation. What was the last thing to change? When did she become a vampire?

When her heart stopped beating.

When did her heart stop beating? September 13th, and no, not in the early pre-dawn. It was full light out (well, full light for Forks, WA, USA). Her heart was beating for at least eight, and more likely more than eight hours of the day of September 13th, her birthday.

Bella Cullen was alive in a very real and a very medical sense on her birthday.

Happy 19th Birthday, Bella.


This post is dedicated to my beta-reader Lion_in_the_Land who celebrated her 19th birthday, again, today. Happy Birthday, LiLa

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