Friday, April 17, 2009

May I tell you a secret? An insight.

That Rosalie. I tell you what. She sure is a real b...

Excuse my language.

That's what everybody thinks, isn't it? Because that's how she is, right?

I published a episode of "Rose by a Lemon Tree" entitled "Her Name: Mother" that looks at the relationship between Rosalie and her mother (the name "Gwendolyn" has been used before, so I use it in my piece as well).

What's interesting to me is that the comments from reviewers of that chapter focus more on Rosalie's cruelty to her maid, Carol. This is interesting to me why?

First, read that chapter then come back. What did you think? Rosalie was surely mean to Carol, even if she and her father were trysting. Too, too mean, right? So Rosalie of her.

May I tell you a secret? What is Steph always saying when she mentions or sells early drafts of Twilight or Midnight Sun or Forever Dawn? Jasper's name was "Ron" in her early drafts. What was Rosalie's name in the early drafts?


Does the president of a bank have as many servants as I mentioned in my episode? Does the president of a bank have a maid specifically designated for his daughter? A daughter that doesn't know the name of that maid, even, for ten years? How would Rosalie ask "Carol" to do something when she was 8 years old if she didn't know the name of her own maid? Can you see a 8-year-old girl, who hadn't yet been hurt so badly by her own mother at the age of 11 for being caught crying (read my episode for details), can you see this 8-year-old girl saying to a servant: "You, there" all the time? A servant who brushes her hair "almost adoringly"?

Who was Rosalie being cruel to? Who is Rosalie hardest on, always? Other people? No.

How does Rosalie see herself? Brave? Proud?

She says that, right? All the time, right? Like, too often?

Rosalie's not this scared little girl pushed around by a cruel world. She just can't be. She's tough. She's a real mean b..., well, you know, and nobody messes with her.

That's what everybody thinks. That's what everybody thinks in the novels. That's what everybody thinks reading the novels. That's what everyone has to think, right? Nobody messes with her, so she cannot possibly be hurt.

If you never let anybody into your heart, your heart cannot be broken.


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Master of the Boot said...

I read that chapter with Gwendoln. I came away thinking that Rose would be a much more interesting character if she put a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger.

You know what? It would have been farm more entertaining and less sappy if Rose actually killed her parents. More emotional baggage for her.

Rose would tell Bella about her regrets.

Bella would sympathize about Rose's parents death and then Rose would say, "Don't pity me too much, I was the one that killed them." That would be much darker and better for the story.

I like things dark, darker the better.