Thursday, October 29, 2009

Love, Vampire Style

Yes, I am on a crusade.

This is the love that a vampire has: it doesn't cool with time or circumstance.

You want proof? Victoria.

You want proof? Marcus.

Two perfectly normal, balanced, healthy vampires ... when they had their mates ...

... and when they didn't anymore?

Marcus went bye-bye so much so that he's been on suicide watch for the last fifteen hundred years.

Victoria enacted a plan a year in the making that included sacrificing Laurent (ripping him away from Irina), and included taking a newborn lover (Riley) she planned to discard as a sacrifice to Edward so she could punch out Bella's heart because Bella was collateral to James' foolish self-destructive behavior.

The kindest thing you can do to a vampire's mate is to destroy it when the beloved is destroyed, because if you don't, her (or his) love for the lost mate will eventually do just that ... but that self-destructive path usually so lights up the night sky with collateral damage that the Volturi must come in to clean up the mess (cf. Eclipse).

"Ooh! But it's so neat and romantical, being a vampire ... isn't it! Gee, I wish I were one! Bite me, Edward!"


Do Rosalie and Edward feel that way?

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Master of the Boot said...

Honestly, Victoria is just a dumb sack of grain. She was in love with a man that didn't give two s**ts about her and then gets killed for trying to avenge her "love." I'm all broken up for her.

Vampires are just stupid. When a human's mate gets killed, most of the time they get sad and then move on. If vampires were a little smarter then they'd get over their own problems and get on with their lives.

Their lives aren't immortal, just really long. They should treature every moment of it because a thousand year lifespan might end tommorow.