Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rosalie, redux

Rosalie ... nobody likes her.

Okay, we know that Rosalie is a real ... well, you know ... in fact, you've just left me a review on a little story from her perspective that I've written telling me exactly what she is.

That Rosalie.

She's just so difficult and just really a pain in the ... well, you know ... to be around or to have a conversation or to coerce into agreeing to a course of action ...
R: "But that's just wrong! Have you considered that ..."
Everybody: "Rosalie, just shut up, okay? We're trying to get this done here!"
R: "Even if it's wrong, and I'll never agree to it?"
Everybody: "YES!"
The irony of it all? She's always right about the problems coming up, but nobody every acknowledges that or thanks her.
R: "Hm. Associating with a human girl? Doesn't anybody else see a problem here?"
Everybody: "NO! For crying out loud, Rosalie, give it a rest! Sulky Edward's happy ... finally! Besides what could possibly happen?"
... then James, then the Volturi, show up.

When did anybody ever say: "Hey, Rosalie was right all along! Maybe we should listen to her next time"?

No, they don't say that. They say: "Hey, let's turn Bella before she has a baby, because ... how could she have one, anyway?"

Then the baby is on its (her, in this case) way. And Rosalie says, "I'm standing by Bella on this one, too. I don't care if I have to stand against the whole world: I'm standing by what's right."

And everybody's furious because Rosalie, again, is standing in the way of what everybody wants to do to Bella and the baby: a baby that nobody wants ... besides Bella, but who cares about what she wants, anyway? She's just a stupid human after all.

A baby that nobody wants ... that is, until the baby shows up. Do they thank Rosalie then?

No. "Oh, Rosalie's hogging the baby, playing mommy ... when do I get my turn?"


What a pain in the ...
Why does she always have to block what we want to do?
Why is she such a bitc-... well, you know.

Why is she always right?


LiLa said...

Totally agreed. The readers' first impression of Rosalie is that she's a monster B, because she's so hostile to Bella-wella and the poor human doesn't understand why. But there WAS a reason -- a really good reason -- and no one, ever, ever acknowledges that.

I really would've like to have seen that developed more, rather than the author deciding to suddenly twist Rosalie's hostility into jealousy over Bella's humanity and her ability to have a stupid baby.

Hey, there's another instance where Rosalie was right -- that Bella should not be changed into a vampire. And NOT so that she could one day have a stupid baby, but to keep her precious mortality so she could one day pass on to the next life.

There, that's what I think.

Diane said...

"Why is she always right?"

Hmm...sounds like Real Life.

Master of the Boot said...

Alright, this one is partly for LiLa and you, geophf.

Yes, Rose was right a few times. What kind of story would it be if she was wrong one hundre percent of the time? Not a very adult one at that. Besides, even monster b**ches can still be right.

And I disagree, turning Bella into a vampire was the best thing to do. Because heaven is overrated. It's not like it has a no-vampires sign in it.