Thursday, October 22, 2009

MSR: summary sux, plz read!

"Writing a story about something."

Do you know what I hate? I hate it that many fan fiction author(esse)s write "[blah-blah-blah]; summary sux; story defiantly better inside, rly, so read it, eh?"

If you're summary "sux," and that's a synopsis of your story, I'd want to read your story for which reason?

Oh, and are you going to misspell "definitely"? Just curious.

Why the above rant?

Because, I, too, am "writing a story about something."

Is it fiction? Well, yes, ... and no. Is a relationship fictional? Perhaps. Is this one? Perhaps.

Is it an angsty piece? Well, yes, defiantly (did I get the spelling of "definitely" au courant?) ... and no. Is life all sweetness and light? No. Is this piece? No. But is life lived in pure bleakness? No. Does this piece wallow in it? That answer depends on you, my dear reader.

Is it fan-fiction? Well, yes, ... and no. My Bella (now just a girl without a name yet) and my Rosalie are Twilight canonical characters, researched thoroughly (in the canon, I might add), represented accurately as a real human teenage girl with ... well ... with "self-image" issues, and a "real" vampire girl with a tanker truck-load of baggage. A "real" vampire girl with a real problem of dealing with real bloodlust, all the time, while she's really determined to understand this mortal that she has resolved that she must murder. Well, "kinda" resolved.

Is it femslash?

How do I answer that one? Is there sex? No. So it's not femslash, right?

My cara spoza, reading this story says that the feelings between the two protagonists ... well ...

So, defiantly not femslash because there's no lemonade at any of the meals served in Bella Fourche, SD, ... right?

And, anyway, is that all that people do all the time? Do you and everybody you know sex it up all day every day? [Don't answer that, please, where — o, where! — has the bedroom door gone?] So, when you meet somebody who so blows you away, do you throw caution and care to the wind to throw her into bed? This is The One, now, not a one night stand. You screw this up, and you've really screwed it up for yourself and for her, for realz, yo.

That's me: keeping it realz, yo ... in the fiction-y, angsty, femslash-y way that I write.

So, I'm "writing a story about something." It's called "My Sister Rosalie." It's on and under my nom-de-plume geophf. It's helped some people and offended others. Maybe the imagery in the story will give you some ideas for your art? I'd love to see them.

So, but, yeah. I sympathize with you ... I really do. Writing a summary is hard, and you're working so hard to make your story just right, so why bother writing a good summary ... no ... why bother writing the perfect summary?

I'll tell you why: because your summary is the doorway to your story. You write a summary that "sux" ... then what does that say about your story? What does it say about the writer? If you will not expend the effort to make the only thing most people will ever see about your story ... do you really wish for people to read your story? If you think your summary "sux" because you say it does ... what does that really say about your story?

P.S. Please, please, please remember, my dear author(esse)s definitely to use the word "definitely" when you are certain about something. I know you are a defiant young person and all, writing fan-fiction, but, really, you did pass fifth grade English, haven't you? The only way you can answer this question credibly? Proper word choice, spelling, grammar and punctuation. I have readers from all over the world; I choose to represent the best of myself and my country of origin. Do you represent yourself with any pride in your self-worth?

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