Friday, March 4, 2016

First Question: Who are you?

1. Tell me about yourself and the book / books you have written?
Me: shy, ... and quiet. And see my twitter bio. It was written by my evil twin brother, Skippy.

Book ... I am that three-volume novelist Oscar Wilde loves to ridicule, my first book of this trilogy/tragedy is My Sister Rosalie, Book I: Captor (MSR), 427k words, 92 chapters. I am currently writing Book II, which I've just published chapter 9 and now weighs in at just under 32k words.

The novella, Rose by a Lemon Tree, is 65k words. I've also written short stories of one-two chapters. The corpus of my works of fiction are all published on my landing page, so you can see my completed and uncompleted works there.

Day-job-wise, I am a mathematician masquerading as a data scientist, so I publish a daily puzzle here, have written articles for mathematical journals, given lectures at symposia, and done several case studies on big data, particularly against the (stock) markets, as I've been in the financial industries: taking a break from satellite mission planning. My most popular lecture to date is on graph theory, entitled Graphing with Goats. Meh!

Oh, and I like to cook, but I have to fight for kitchen time with my daughters now, so I occasionally surprise the family with roast chicken or gnocchi or lamb simmered in burgundy sauce. Ya know.

Meditation for this question: The sky is blue, isn't it.

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