Friday, March 4, 2016

Questions II + III: Book/s, when and how long

2. When did you write your first book?

MSR I started 2008 after I wrote the short story: "Bella's One Fear" Bella's One Fear surprised me because I thought I never would be a writer, always a reader (insert bride's maid joke here).

It started then. I wrote chapter after chapter, up to chapter 55 or so, and then I left it for three years, you know, because it was too much for me to bear, writing this sad, sweet story.

I haunted me every day. So I went back to writing. Writing hurts less than not writing.

So, yeah. I finished this (first) journey Oct 2015. YAY! Confetti!

3. How long did it take to write your first book?

Two days, right? ;)

Meditation for these questions 2 + 3 ... hm. Fives are everywhere.

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