Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Emmett Comment

I get this on occasion, and I believe it's a topic worth discussing.

Did Rosalie really say that? Did she really say that she would gladly sacrifice anything to regain her humanity ... even Emmett?


Did she mean that?

Yes, of course.

Because why? Because she will never be able to make that trade. But if you said: "Okay Rosalie, kill these 100 children and burn Emmett and you get your humanity back," then will she do that?

Nope. In actuality, she would sacrifice her humanity for her Emmett. But she said the opposite ... why? People say things.

We all say things that are wrong, stupid, and, upon reflection, things we shouldn't have said and things we wish we didn't. Rosalie made this mistake. Have I ever made this mistake?

Oh, yes.

Have you?

Everybody casts this "She'd sacrifice Emmett" stone at Rosalie. But nobody ever analyzes her statement. Not only at face value, but at Venice value. One pound of flesh, please, Rosalie.

And nobody ever looks in the mirror when they cast that stone. Rosalie lives in a glass house. Well, well, well: looky there! Rosalie has feet of clay. Huh! Record every word you ever said, have every newspaper publish it ... read the newspapers 50 years from now. Oops! Did I really say that?!?

Are you still Holier than Rosalie?

I think Rosalie, in fact, is a whole Hale of a lot Holier than most people in the whole world, and, yes, she does have a mote in her eye, but the people casting stones? They have the frikken redwood forest-sized beams blinding them to their own fault.

"Oh, Rosalie's not perfect."

She sure isn't. My story portrays her sympathetically, but definitely (and defiantly) very much not perfect, but ...

A Rosalie's a Rosalie, for a' that.


Master of the Boot said...

geophf, even if she doesn't mean it, it's still a horrid comment to make at all.

I could say, "I'd rape my mother for tickets to the Stanley cup final."

Would I actually rape my own mother and mow down my father with a machine gun if offered box seats at the Stanley Cup final? No, but it's still a horid and insenstiive comment to make.

geophf said...


Yes, you are right. She shouldn't have said that, at all. Just as you shouldn't have written those words about your parents. So it is good and proper and right to accuse her for her words.

What is wrong and what is pervasive throughout fandom is to accuse her further of the crime of meaning these words. You do not really wish these ills upon your parents, and Rosalie would never wish this on Emmett, even for her lost humanity. Not really. This is the thrust of my argument here in this post.